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  • caticorn
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    Tell her that she needs to eat otherwise she will be starving and that’s not good. And also tell her that that person is wrong and weight doesn’t matter. Hope this works! ❤️

  • sunflower_z
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    you need to find ways to prove its so unhealthy! ive been called fat countless times, show her she shouldnt let it get to her.

  • moxxo
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    @gracethepig08 uggh! i hate it when people just spew words without thinking about the effect it will have on others!😠 please tell ur friend to stay healthy and not starve herself! this is too sadd, tell her to live herself and love her body. because wgat others sya doesnt matter at all!

  • blueoreo11
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    @gracethepigo8 uh oh! That’s not good. Starving yourself doesn’t make you loose wait in the right way. It could lead to (not trying to trigger you but this could be very serious!) anorexia, it’s a sickness where once people stop eating and/or only eat little bits of food start loosing waight but they can’t stop and they still think they’re fat, even though they’re not. Please tell her that she can’t starve herself. She could die from it.

  • hazel5
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    Tell her starving wont make her lose weight; ive tried and tested. Ask her to eat less or eat veggies! @gracethepig08 support her. Do not lecture her, let her lose weight and let her do what she wants to but deal with it very positively and smartly and tell her its okay BUT then get healthy food from home. ❤️❤️ hope she listens to you @gracethepig08

  • iconicjakayla
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    Just tell her that is the wrong way to go and maybe give her ideas to exercise and tell her she should not be doing that….and try to beg her to eat the food and keep say what can happen if she doesn’t wanna eat ….the effective things that could happen 👍🏾I think that might work and tell her to watch video on how that can effective people 👍🏾

  • kayluv
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    @gracethepig08 just tell her that that isnt how you lose weight. I had to do this with one of my friends. I literally forced her to eat. like I shoved my goldfish into her mouth and moved her jaw for her, so just talk to her

  • gracethepig08
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    One of my friends isn’t bringing food to school and told me to not give her any food. She says she is doing this because someone called her fat. She says she is trying to lose weight. what should I do??

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