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  • thisashleytaylor
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    Hi @bethanyrose I’m on Instagram, but my parents control it. I’m allowed to like posts and comment on my friends’ posts, but I’m not allowed to comment on random public posts. My parents have to be with me at all time when I read a DM. it can be fun if you’re supervised. 💖

  • hazel5
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    Hii @bethanyrose its okay to not have instagram! maybe you can ask your mom but i have also stopped using it because its so boringg!

  • angie_rose99
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    Not going to lie, Instagram can be really bad at times. Meaning swear words, body parts and just… random videos that make you 😳😳 so it’s understandable why you’re parents don’t want you having the app. I believe it’s safe to not be like everyone else and have Instagram. But if you REALLY want to know, then I believe proving to your mother you’re old enough for Instagram is important (sorry if this is so long)

  • queen_teenwolf
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    You know what I feel the same exact way. My mom tells me I’m not mature enough or old enough yet. That’s why I got this app! It doesn’t help much though.

    • smartygal
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      Hey @queen_teenwolf I’m here for ya! How can I help? Gotta show your mom you are responsible and let her see she can count on you for stuff.

      • queen_teenwolf
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        Well she knows I’m mature but she wants me to be even more mature she says she promises on my 13th bday I can download an instagram💕 I’ll be okay I have you guys!

      • bethanyrose
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        I feel like left out but I’m homeschooled to I have like 2 friends so I don’t know

  • moxxo
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    @bethanyrose dont be scared, u ll never know unless u try 🙂

  • hooloo21
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    I don’t have Instagram but I hope you find friends soon @bethanyrose!

  • dashagurl
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    I’m not allowed to have Insta or Snapchat. I’m going to be 13 in 3 and a half months.

  • moxxo
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    @bethanyrose so why dont u have it? is it because ur mom doesnt allow?

  • bethanyrose
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    hey everyone has Instagram idk why but I feel left out because I can’t have Instagram I’m 13 and idk what to do! help

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