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  • brynnp14
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    Follow your heart and cut your hair however you want, don’t listen to those people

  • erin_
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    My friend got a haircut like yours about a year ago! She didn’t really like it and she missed braids so she grew it out again. If you like and miss your old hair then cut it again

  • springday
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    You should put your hair back into the pixie cut! I bet you looked amazing with it~.
    It was extremely rude for those rumors to be spread- they shouldn’t have had such an issue with you looking beautiful and being happy. If you decide to get your pixie cut back and the rumors continue, keep your head high and remember how amazing you look.

  • christineshenyt
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    I think that self expression is very important. Therefore you should keep your current hairstyle and not care about what others think. Talk to an adult if necessary and surrounding yourself with good people that don’t judge you based on your looks but love you for who you are and your personality.

  • kawiipotatoluna
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    Hey those people are just jealous. Get ur pixie cuts r cute

  • kawiipotatoluna
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    Don’t listen to them potato freind 😘😍😻 pixie cuts r awesome

  • giadatalks
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    It’s ok! I think let others make u sad. If you want ur old hair then let it grow

  • hazel5
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    @donut37 I’m sure you look beautiful besides pixie cuts always suit everybody 💕 i think the people who are spreading rumors are just so jealous of you. Ignore them ❤️

  • cawwy1212
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    @donut37 ppl will always judge but just be confidwnt w yourself and ppl will stop talking bc they will see u don’t care!!!

  • cawwy1212
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    and im sure it looks amazing!!!!

  • mayab
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    Don’t listen to them. Do what you want with your hair. My hair is really short and everyone says I love like a boy except for my best friend. I don’t care what I look like. Do as you please please

  • rooftopgurl
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    HONEY WEAR WHAT U LIKE!!!!!!! U got this people talk about me ALL the time and I wear what I want and I’m happy ignore them u got this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘❤️

  • emily_world123
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    Don’t listen to what they say. And if you like the way you look that’s all that matters.

  • donut37
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    So I cut my hair into a really cute pixie cut! I liked it a lot. But then ppl started spreading rumors saying I’m gay and I’m a boy and stuff which isn’t true! And so I grew my hair out to a bob cut. But I kinda miss my old hair. What should I do?

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