Going to the mall with my friends next month, but there’s a small problem…

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  • thisashleytaylor
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    Hi @itztrinity I believe you’re in Canada 🇨🇦 too, because you call it March Break. 😁 I’m not sure how old you are, but my older brother started tutoring for elementary school students when he was in Grade 9. He taught math, and just met up with the kids at our local public library. He makes a little more than the minimal wage, and he loves it. He teaches Grade 4 /5 kids. 💖

    • itztrinity
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      Hi! I’m from Canada! And thats a good idea! I’ll consider it.

  • horses77
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    When you get money tell your parents to hid it from you and to not give it back until March.

    • itztrinity
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      Yeah they should do that 😂

  • iconicjakayla
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    Maybe apply for a job

  • moxxo
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    @itztrinity do u like dogs? u can start a dog grooming type business? or maybe take peoples dogs for a walk, or car wash? but it must be too cold to do water related activiities.🙈

    • itztrinity
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      Ooooh I would love that but its way too cold 🙁

  • addsfave
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    If you live in a snowy place, shovel for neighbors. If you like baking or cooking, try baking some yummy snacks and walking around the neighborhood/ city and go door to door and try and sell. If you want, you could also try and start a small business at school! Like you could take in orders during class and sell stuff after school. Hope this helped in any way! Good luck! Tell me if you need more help!

  • sparklegirlpower
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    You could try babysitting or doing things like shoveling snow or selling things.

  • itztrinity
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    Hi guys, next month sometime during March Break, I get to go to a local mall to go shopping for Graduation. I’m super excited! We’re going to try on dresses, jewelry, shoes, heels, all those fancy things. The only problem is the money. You have to bring your own money to go shopping and my grandma (and my grandpa in heaven 😇) often send me little packages and money to spend. But I’m horrible at saving money! I could walk in a shop with twenty dollars but then I walk out with a nickel and a bunch of silly toys. Can someone help me find a way to earn maybe 100$ by March Break? Also, I don’t have an allowance and I’ve already asked. Thanks!

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