Friend Trouble!

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  • moxxo
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    @alea101 I would suggest try getting away from all the drama and change your social circle hang out with other people! its tough at first but then it becomes a breeze <3

  • rosarosa0501
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    @alea101 why does she hate you!!? This seems so mean of her!! Sending u a hug

  • hazel5
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    She sounds jealous of you @alea101 !! But i think you should stay away from both of them…

  • alea101
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  • areeba_m123
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    if your bfs hate you shouldn’t be friends and if people dont want other people to know that you are friends they dont deserve you. I am sure you will do whats right for you remember to be yourself and dont let this stuff get to you
    we will always be here for you

  • smartygal
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    Why did she say these mean things to you? Is she jealous of you or something? @alea101

  • alea101
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    My best friend hates me because i posted a video saying ugh karla because i heard she said really meN thinga to me

  • smartygal
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    Do t even think about next year! So much can change by then! Let’s start at the beginning. Why does your BF hate you? @alea101

  • alea101
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    One of my best friends hate me! My other best friend likes me but she wont tell the others that were still friends so now Lexi hates me too because ahe thinks i dont like amelia and im not allowes to telk her or amelia wobt like me! And ibhave to face amelia next year when Im unhomeschooling. have any advice?

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