first day confusion

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  • erin_
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    How much time is between your classes? If you have time between them leave your backpack in your locker, if you don’t, carry your books around, e.g. math and English are before recess so I’ll carry those, then I’ll put them in my locker and grab my books for the classes that I have until lunch.

  • rooftopgurl
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    Idk but there’s no such thing as a dumb question!

  • smartygal
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    Def leave your backpack 🎒 in your locker and bring a notebook with you to take note, pencil and your schedule. Then you’ll know what to bring for each class. @xp.bloom

  • Anonymous
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    @xp.bloom Just leave it in your locker and wait till the teachers say what to do with your stuff. Just make sure to get your schedule and a pencil!

  • xp-bloom
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    Also i have a question, so its a weird dumb one but i really dont know what to do. i just don’t wanna get embarrassed. So since im in 7th grade (middle school), i have lockers but on the first day i have so many things in my back pack. so on the first day do i just bring my backpack in first period or leave it in the locker which would be easier but i dont know what ill need for each class etc. i know it sounds confussing but if someone told me i wouldnt be here. if you can help me. thanks!

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