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  • moxxo
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    @sajiang so did u get ur ears pierced finally??

  • nataliepaula
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    I have gotten my ears pierced rewhen I was a baby and a few months ago, I have 2 piercings in each ear and neither of them hurt, just be calm and make sure you know how to care for your ears afterwards, and if you’re allergic to silver then you should go to piercing pagoda and if you’re not you should go to Claire’s.

  • laylamichelle
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    I got my ears Pericles but after like 5 seconds after the drill is out u dint feel a thing! Xx

  • avajcool
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    I’ve got mine pierced and it hurts for the first about minute then you don’t feel nothing. You’ll be fine girl 😊

  • randomteen14
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    Nah if you go to the mall or to a professional it won’t hurt.

  • madis_lol_life
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    I got mine pierced when I was just a few months old and it’s not that big of a deal even tho I don’t remember it my mom said I just cried for a few seconds at the shock and after that I was fine so if a baby can take it I problem I sure you can too!❤️

  • sabinemarussia
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    You’ll naturally feel something when getting your ears pierced. It’s not a good idea to think it’ll be pain free. If you are swimming and involved in any sports you Amy not want to get an ear piercing at the moment depend on your pain tolerance. I had a hard time sleeping on my ears the first 3 nights that I had to wake up and get my mom. You should talk with a parents about getting them pierced at Claire’s or Justice. They know a lot about how to manage it in the first few days.

  • letzing
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    So it hurts A LOT for like 0.2 seconds and then you don’t feel a thing. U will be fine 😀

  • justcallmesarcastic
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    I got mine done at 6 months so I wouldn’t remember the pain so I can’t really help you

  • caticorn
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    I have my ears pierced but when I first got them done they only hurt for a little bit but then the pain went away bc I got used to it so you’ll be ok @sajiang

  • hazel5
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    Well it does hurt so u need to give it more than 2 weeks. Maybe like 5-6 weeks would do and you will also get used to it @sajiang

  • chickenlover12
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    Doesn’t hurt at all don’t worry it seems so scary but it’s not when I got mine done I was sitting there shaking waiting for her to poke me and after a while I said just do it and she had already done it LOL.

    • imaperson
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      Trust me, it will be worth it…I got mine when I was a baby…so I really don’t know if it hurts or not I just know it will be worth it in the end. I recommend getting them!!!!Good luck!

  • soccergirl81
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    It is scary at first but it is fast and painful

  • smartygal
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    It hurts when they do it but it’s so quick. Then it doesn’t hurt. Make sure you get a good pair of gold post earrings and wear them for t least 3 months before you switch them. Put alcohol on your pierced ears every night and keep them super clean to keep infection away. Turn your earrings too so they’ll hear. @sajiang. You’ll be fine!

  • moxxo
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    @sajiang there is anothee way, u might find it gross, but its said that ur own saliva has good chemical properties to fix wounds, so just lick ur finger slightly and apply it to the place it hurts. it helps. just dont do it in front if anyone else 😅😅😂

  • moxxo
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    @sajiang heyy, i have gotten my ears pierced, after getting them pierced clean them twice atleast everyday with hydrogen per oxide, they ll be finee, its better to get them pierced in a cooler season as there is no risk of sweating.

  • sajiang
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    I want to get my ears pierced 3 weeks before school starts but I am worried about it hurting. Please comment if you have gotten your ears pierced and if it hurt!!

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