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    So I followed your advices and i chose my bestest friend. I have a new crush now but just so you know my other friend likes him and i havent told her yet.. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?

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    Dealing with drama like this is always hard. Here’s some tips from another girl on Miss O friends that I thought might be helpful to you. Check out this link!


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    I think its very unfair of your BFF to be backstabbing, she should directly confront you. however maybe she feels like you arent listening to her. the best way is to talk to your friend about this crush. also if you think you can let this crush go, do it, because there are plenty of guys out there, best friends don’t come up that much.

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    Stop thinking about your crush for just a minute. Talk to your BFF and tell her that you did’nt know that she liked him and that you don’t like it when she backstabbs you. Do you like your crush more than your BFF? If you do, get yourself some new friends. If you like your BFF more than your crush than keep your friends and move on without him.

    Hope this advice helps.

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    I agree with all these people but if she is really a good friend go for her but if she’s not good freind go for the crush but really I don’t think you should choose you can be friends with both she doesn’t have dibs on him he is not hers so you can like him just try not to be all over him when your with her.

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    Really you shouldnt choose any if they mean something to you. Whoever is telling you to choose between them then you need to leave her/him because you should never have to choose between people that you care about.

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    Go up to your friend talk things out tell her you didn’t know she liked the guy and one of my friends liked the same guy as me and we didn’t get into a single fight and remember friends come before crushes you share a bond with your friend that you can’t let separate get your friend back if talking to your friend doesn’t work give he a lil break maybe she’ll start missing you ?? and come back and if that doesn’t work say your sorry ? even if you didn’t do anything wrong and if she doesn’t forgive you find a new friend cause friends forgive each other hope this helps

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    Go for your BFF if she is your true best friend. But if she is spreading rumors about you then you need new friends. Your crush can wait. All he is is a crush.

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    Hi!! I have a problem,i like this guy and we are really close, and i didnt know that my bestest friend like him too…I didnt know!! She told me that what i was doing was hurting her and should adjust ny feeling for this guy… And now because I didnt follow what she said, she is backstabbing with my other friends… WHAT SHOULD I DO??? I NEED HELP

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