confused feeling 🙁

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  • girlpowerisshowing20
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    I get it. I’ve had a crush on a relative before and I’m bisexual. If it’s a brother or sister I know this may be uncomfortable but you should talk to your parents. If it’s a cousin or an aunt or uncle, just generally a distant relative just live and leave it be. It’s probably not gonna turn into true love or anthing.

  • kenzie07
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    pony_w im bi too and this has happen to be to me with a cousin its weird the first couple of days but the feelings get less in a couple of weeks

  • taya39333
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    Are they related threw blood?

  • hazel5
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    Is that person your friend? I mean do you guys talk @ponys_w

  • ponys_w
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    i’m bisexual and i’m having feelings for someone i’m related to and idk what to do help!!

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