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  • hazel5
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    Hi @amyprecious no thats normal ❤️❤️

  • donut37
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    I’m 14 too u haven’t started either. You don’t have to worry until 17. I have other friends my age who haven’t started. Girls are getting a lot of hormones through foods these days which speeds up the process of getting ur first period. Also how much do you weigh because I am underweight and it effects it. I have had signs of a period like discharge and cramps so I should have one around 15

  • brown_potatoes
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    nothing’s wrong . it is normal. not all of my friends has it yet

  • ellyntaylor-25
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    It’s completely normal to get your period later than your friends, and there’s nothing your doing wrong. If you are that worried though, you can go to the doctor.

  • bri0099
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    I wouldn’t stress at all. Some people just take longer to get their periods. Honestly in my opinion ur lucky, my period sucks

  • parisg12
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    Maybe your just late it’s normal for some people to be late my sister was also late so it’s not your fault it just your hormones

  • cherryrumi
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    Heyy. Theres nothing to worry about.until your 16 your period can come at anytime. I got mine at 12 and then i didnt get it agin for a year and for me its still ireggular at 14 so i went to my doctor and she said its normal. Hope this helps ❤

  • amyprecious
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    Hey everyone, I’m going to 14 next month. All my friends have had their periods but mine hasn’t started. Are there things that I am doing wrong??

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