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    I totally get it !! I know this isn’t really the same thing, but I was on a school trip to Switzerland and my friends dumped me, just because there wasn’t a dorm for 4 people, they abandoned me. I was sad and alone. I had to join another group! I was SO angry at they for leaving me but u joined a new group with these friends I have know since I was 3. We lost touch when we moved to different schools. But this is how we reconnected. So I get that your upset but as you posted this 4 hours ago, I am sure u have made one friend by now. If not, I am your friend ! I My name is Layla, I am 11 years old and love reading !! I will add u now and talk to me whenever u need advise! 😎😀 message me when u get this 😀

  • blakeyrakey
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    I totally get that ur upset– its understandable! that happened to me and my cousin when we went to camp together. we thought wed be in the same group but Im older so we were split. I was upset at first like you, but it ended up being a really great summer. I still got to see my cuz a lot but I also got to make a lot of new friends.. and always just felt good knowing that if I really needed something or someone she was there. look at this is as an oppurnity to meet new people and don’t worry- you’ll still get to see her! 

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    So I go to this camp every year and this year I thought it might be cool to invite one of my bffs. We were super excited and was planning everything. But when the day rolled in we found out we were going to be in separate groups. Currently, she is in an “older” group than me which means I won’t see her that often and she’ll get to do more activities. The thing is the groups are by age, and she and I are only 2 months apart. I was really looking forward to this camp session but now I just feel sad. Any advice?

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