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    Hey!! Relax! I used to go to a school called Saint Christopher’s and there was a school trip to Switzerland, I live in the Middle East, so its a VERY long way and evolved 2 LONG plane trips. And 4 hour bus journey!! I was SO scared at home sick. I was the youngest in the group and had never been before. I was scared as this was my first time in an overseas sleepover!! I was only 10. BTW I am now 11( almost 12) so I understand your situation, but the key is to be prepared!! Make sure u have everything u need and spares!! Just in case!This will help give u faith that u have everything u need. Bring your phone ! If u r aloud FaceTime your parents every day so u can chat. Even if u are not aloud to bring electronics, put it on silent at the bottom of your bag so if u need them you can call
    Make sure you know at least 1 person at your camp. Then u will have someone to talk to. Talk to your parents about it. It helps to talk to someone in person.
    Play it cool. If you r scared, play it cool, this way no one else will know that u t scared but, most importantly,yourself will eventually relax.
    Keep busy! This will take your mind of your parents . Bring your favourite snack ! This my sound weird but sometimes, just eating your “comfort food “will help. Smile at your parents before they drop u off because this will encourage them and yourself that u will be fine ! Talk to your parents about your worries ,this will ease the tension

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    I went to camp last year and didn’t know anyone. I was so scared to. But once my parents drove away I met so many great people. You’ll see. The same thing will happen to you. I suggest a short goodbye with your parents. @galaxypanda. You’ll have a great time!

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    I have to go to camp in about a week and I am really scared. I always get super homesick and have no fun. I told my mom, but it is too late to cancel. What should I do?

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