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  • hazel5
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    Do you guys talk alot? @annanovellino or are you both good friends?

  • pearljosling
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    Well, there are many ways a boy shows his feelings. At a young age they don’t tend to show it so easily. When I was younger, there was this boy who’d always be so mean to me and by the end of the year he admitted that he liked me. Some boys can be mean to girls that they like when they are around their mates as they are too embarrassed to show their liking towards a girl.

    But apart from that they usually do what @taya39333 said 🙂

  • taya39333
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    1. He smiles a lot around you
    2. He tries to impress you
    3. He always wants to hang out with you
    4. He’s nervous around you
    5. He’ll say your name a lot
    6. He laughs at your jokes a lot
    7. He’s always staring st you
    8. He usually sits by you

  • fluffy_pillow_art_girl
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    You could ask his friends. Also try and have some of your friends talk to him, my friends have set up three of my relationships so far. Make sure that when youre going into a relationship you know the person well because there was this one relationship I was in that lasted only two weeks because I’d only known the guy for a week when he asked me out. I found that if you tell the guy you like him it will make him like you back.

  • lilyloo12
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    He might tease you or joke around with you. Maybe a smile too. Has any of that happened? @annanovellino

  • annanovellino
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    i have a crush on this boy Finn Mack, i dont know he likes me. what are some clues that he likes me?

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