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  • mayab
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    60 kids!!! I will give you some advise. DONT INVITE 60 KIDS TO YOUR PARTY!

  • moxxo
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    @mimzzz wowww! at 60 kids. u sure have a lot of friends girl! i like the idea of a karaoke party sounds fun and mature.

  • taya39333
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    Roller skateing, or maybe to a trampoline park-skyzone

  • donut37
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    Ok ik what to do….. same thing happened for me but with less ppl……. take everyone ice skating if there is and ice skating rank at the mall or something! Maybe you can rent out a party room there as well

  • mimzzz
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    Thx guys!! I think I’m gonna do some kinda climbing thing idk

  • brynnp14
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    You could rent out a hall or have it at an indoor pool

  • brynnp14
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    Or an arcade

  • blakeyrakey
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    @mimzzz wat about karaoke party??? Could be funny for co Ed

  • mimzzz
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    HELP! My birthday is in a month and idk what to do! I want to have approx 60 kids to my party, coed. It’s my 12th birthday party but kids in my grade act sooo old for their age. Also it can’t be at my house. What should I do?!? Xx

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