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  • gracearun
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    Just tell your parents busybea363. At first your parents might get upset, but they will get over it. Its very thoughtful of you to think like that busybea363. Your parents are lucky to have a good kid like your, and Im lucky to have you as my friend.

  • moxxo
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    @busybea363 heyy i agree with @wildgirl08 you shoud let your parents know about the computer but also tell them that they can get it mended or get a new one when THEY FEEL THEY CAN. AND THAT THERE IS NO PRESSURE. in the meantime maybe use ur school computers? or ask a friend if u can come over and use it. also you can try talking to your teachers if its ok that u handwrite the essays and all.

  • s-sophie
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    You could wait until your air conditioner gets fixed , and then ask your parents

  • wildgirl08
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    @busybea363 I reckon you should tell your parents about this but it’s always best to wait until they’ve got everything sorted with the air conditioning and money saved up. Are there any school computers that you could borrow for the time being? Is there anyone at school you can come to talk to about this issue? It’s best to let your teachers know about this so hopefully things get sorted out.

  • busybea363
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    so i was gettibg ready for another day at school when i realized my computer had broken on the way home and now wont close or stay up properly. our air condition just broke so they need to spend extra money on that but paying for.a new computer is money they are not ready to spend at this time i have had it for 3 years and i cant fix it, should i tell my parents. How do i tell them HELP ME

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