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    I think this has good intentions, but remember that the only reason someone would ever go out of their way to hurt an individual is if they’ve been hurt by someone close to them in their own past. I wouldn’t call bullies losers, just people who need help and compassion. You’re right about not reacting though, they do seek attention and validation and the only way to get them to not mess with you is to either ignore them or “kill ’em with kindness” (sometimes it’s better to ignore people too far gone for you to personally help though).

  • sofii_tt_14
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    To everyone out there who is bullied. These people will only do it in a group. They won’t ever do it alone. These are people who are LOSERS. we all know they have nothing better to do So don’t react. They’re just looking for a reaction. If you react they will laugh if you ignore it they won’t find it fun.

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