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    Girl don’t worry about it! My mom and dad said the same thing about glue on nails. I just bought them one day anyway and I tried them on and my parents saw but they knew that they couldn’t keep me from wearing them because I liked them so much. Sometimes the removal is hard but it’s totally worth it and it’s never painful for me. My parents still don’t let me get the fake nails from the skin though so I wouldn’t recommend that. But if you just want to try the glue on nails then just ask your parents if you can try it once to see how it is and I’m sure they will agree because they look very pretty and they don’t hurt very much. Hope this advice helps!!!

  • annafan_
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    I once tried the glue on nails and boy, are they painful! If you don’t like them you either have to stick it out l, or yank them off. It hurts super bad so I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • jazlynpena
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    I wanna start wear the glue-one nails but my mom says that I am too young.

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