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  • hazel5
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    Hey girl @brianyxi if you are over him then you dont need to care! Whatever the reason may be of your breakup, you shouldn’t even bother asking him whats wrong or something. Boys do alot of such stuff for attention too. So, unless you REALLY want to talkto him then ask him what he is upto by doing all of that? But if youre good and it isnt affecting your life then move on and be strong and HAPPY ❤❤

  • karina14107
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    Just talk to him about it and how you feel and that he should stop and if that doesn’t work maybe block him on social media and talk to someone about it cuz he may be obsessed with you

  • alyssa223
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    Maybe talk to him about it?

  • isabellemerritt13
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    I think you should confront him and tell him how you feel and tell him to back off

  • brianyxi
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    Okay so it’s been 2 years since I broke up with my ex boyfriend but, he keeps stalking my social media pages, belittling me and keeps throwing shades in his bios about me. I’m over him but, I believe he’s not over me. I don’t know what to do , please help ?

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