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    I watch a lot of comedy shows!
    My FAVE color is blue 🙂
    I like to draw and paint
    Yes, I have very good friends!
    I’ve had a little drama but for the most part I’ve been lucky.
    I like photography, working on computers, art, music, and hiking.
    I DISLIKE natural disasters, the cold, being sick, and dark rooms

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    i watch Lab Rats and good luck Charlie
    my favorite color is Purple
    ye,really love to draw
    i have many well trusted and kind friends.
    drama,yuck.there is a lot drama and bullying at school.
    i like reading,music,fishing,imitating birds(sounds weird but it’s fun) and fruits.
    i hate people saying bad things about others ,persons hurting animals and when best friends break up.

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    Mako mermaids, last man standing and a few of others… fav color is teal blue and pink.. I do not like to draw because I’m bad at it! I have one good friend and that is my bff… YES I HAVE DRAMA ALL THE TIME! I like pizza , puppy’s, dance, makeup… dislikes mayo, ugly outfits, crying kids,and boys that have a crush on me but are to afraid to say it!!!!

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    Shows I watch:
    Girl Meets World, The Middle, Doc McStuffins lol, Good Luck Charlie, Phineas and Ferb, Best Friends Whenever. I’m a Disney Lover.
    Favorite Color: Turquoise!
    Do I Like to Draw? I’m more of a writer.
    Have I Ever Had Drama? Yes. Lots. I kinda stay out of it though. But one time this girl told me to tell her crush that she liked him, and I told her I didn’t want to multiple times. But she literally made me. So a few days later, she left the campground we had been staying at. So I told him in a note. They started an Instagram Direct chat, and started talking about how I totally said that because I liked him. Luckily, most of the kids and I are still friends, but the boy can never talk to me or look me in the eye, and the girl kinda doesn’t talk to me anymore.
    Likes: Buffalo wings, pancakes, dessert, Anne of Green Gables, Life in general, writing, songwriting, singing, playing with my toys.
    Dislikes: Bullying, superheros, vegetables, school, and I have a love/hate relationship with people. I like my alone time. A lot.

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    Once upon a time
    Horseback riding, books, sarcasm, cupcakes
    School, drama

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    I love the Sims too!! I have the sims 3 on my xbox360

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    What Tv shows do you watch: i watch a lot of reality shows like The Amazing Race. Also, i used to watch a lot of disney shows.
    Fav color: Yellow and Red
    Like to draw: No, but i like to sing and write!
    Have good friends: Yes
    Ever had drama: Yes- some was bad.
    Likes: music, writing, singing, dancing, boys, being positive, my boyfriend, The Sims 2 and 3.
    Dislikes: none 🙂

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    You are right. I hate Justin Beiber

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    1: Most shows on Disney Chanel and crime and doctor shows.
    2. Blue. In specifically Turquoise.
    3. I love to write.
    4. I have amazing friends!
    5. My school is drama Paradise. I stay out of it.
    6. I love reading writing swimming and singing.
    7. Bullying Justin Beiber breakups and fights.

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    Answer these questions:

    What Tv shows do you watch
    Fav color
    Like to draw
    Have good friends
    Ever had drama

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