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  • ucsb
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    What TV shows do you watch?: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural.
    Favourite Colour?: Blue and Black.
    Like to draw?: Yes!
    Have good friends?: I guesss, yeah.
    Ever had drama?: eh
    Likes?: cats, art, music, girls, food, and space.
    Dislikes: school stuff, fake people, summer temperatures.

  • gmwbmw22
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    What Tv shows do you watch – The Loud House is my favorite show.
    Fav color – Green, pink, and blue are my favorite colors
    Like to draw – I’m proficient in art.
    Have good friends – Only one, but we’re not friends anymore..
    Ever had drama – With closest friend, Claire, recently
    Likes – Science, Lisa Loud (star in the Loud House), and art
    Dislikes – Idiocy, failing, getting in trouble.

  • misse145
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    I watch a variety of shows but I really like BGT

    I like mint green but I wear darker colours like dark red

    I love drawing people and comics

    I have amazing friends!

    Yup. Drama is everywhere. This week has been extra dramatic.

    Likes – Drawing, writing, playing sims, singing, making YouTube videos, reading, being with family and friends, swimming, pretty much all sports, rock climbing, baking, cooking, eating, drama :0, music.

    Dislikes – Bullies, meat, annoying people, being left out, being copied.

  • arii_lemons369
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    1.My favorite tv shows is the flash and riverdale

    2.My favorite color is purple

    3.I like to draw art that describes nature and also food
    4.I have good friends who support me
    6.Salad,pizza,and chicken
    7.Rice and Panda Express

  • sweettooth23
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    I watch a lot of comedy shows!
    My FAVE color is blue 🙂
    I like to draw and paint
    Yes, I have very good friends!
    I’ve had a little drama but for the most part I’ve been lucky.
    I like photography, working on computers, art, music, and hiking.
    I DISLIKE natural disasters, the cold, being sick, and dark rooms

  • vanessamariana133
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    i watch Lab Rats and good luck Charlie
    my favorite color is Purple
    ye,really love to draw
    i have many well trusted and kind friends.
    drama,yuck.there is a lot drama and bullying at school.
    i like reading,music,fishing,imitating birds(sounds weird but it’s fun) and fruits.
    i hate people saying bad things about others ,persons hurting animals and when best friends break up.

  • beauty-inside
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    Mako mermaids, last man standing and a few of others… fav color is teal blue and pink.. I do not like to draw because I’m bad at it! I have one good friend and that is my bff… YES I HAVE DRAMA ALL THE TIME! I like pizza , puppy’s, dance, makeup… dislikes mayo, ugly outfits, crying kids,and boys that have a crush on me but are to afraid to say it!!!!

  • stravaberry
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    Shows I watch:
    Girl Meets World, The Middle, Doc McStuffins lol, Good Luck Charlie, Phineas and Ferb, Best Friends Whenever. I’m a Disney Lover.
    Favorite Color: Turquoise!
    Do I Like to Draw? I’m more of a writer.
    Have I Ever Had Drama? Yes. Lots. I kinda stay out of it though. But one time this girl told me to tell her crush that she liked him, and I told her I didn’t want to multiple times. But she literally made me. So a few days later, she left the campground we had been staying at. So I told him in a note. They started an Instagram Direct chat, and started talking about how I totally said that because I liked him. Luckily, most of the kids and I are still friends, but the boy can never talk to me or look me in the eye, and the girl kinda doesn’t talk to me anymore.
    Likes: Buffalo wings, pancakes, dessert, Anne of Green Gables, Life in general, writing, songwriting, singing, playing with my toys.
    Dislikes: Bullying, superheros, vegetables, school, and I have a love/hate relationship with people. I like my alone time. A lot.

  • potterhead777
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    Once upon a time
    Horseback riding, books, sarcasm, cupcakes
    School, drama

  • sunflowergal2
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    What Tv shows do you watch: i watch a lot of reality shows like The Amazing Race. Also, i used to watch a lot of disney shows.
    Fav color: Yellow and Red
    Like to draw: No, but i like to sing and write!
    Have good friends: Yes
    Ever had drama: Yes- some was bad.
    Likes: music, writing, singing, dancing, boys, being positive, my boyfriend, The Sims 2 and 3.
    Dislikes: none 🙂

    • stgs638
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      I love the Sims too!! I have the sims 3 on my xbox360

  • gamechanger
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    You are right. I hate Justin Beiber

  • gamechanger
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    1: Most shows on Disney Chanel and crime and doctor shows.
    2. Blue. In specifically Turquoise.
    3. I love to write.
    4. I have amazing friends!
    5. My school is drama Paradise. I stay out of it.
    6. I love reading writing swimming and singing.
    7. Bullying Justin Beiber breakups and fights.

  • stgs638
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    Answer these questions:

    What Tv shows do you watch
    Fav color
    Like to draw
    Have good friends
    Ever had drama

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