a girl who hates me

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    If your online communication did not develop, do not give up, do not get upset, or run away with a nice excuse. You should continue to talk about something, give a chance to the girl to express herself, enter into communication or leave it herself. At least, going through the stage of the awkward silence, you will gain some experience, you will learn to find themes, to feel comfortable during a long conversation.

  • skybluesplash
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    @busybea363 The best thing to do is apologise to her if she’s really mad. Hopefully that will make her feel better and she won’t be as mad. And even though somebody said that you talked about her behind her back, you know that’s not true! Maybe try to explain to her that you didn’t talk about her behind her back. Hope that helps! 💙

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    dont force someone to like you and just tell.her that your sorry for everything you done and that the part of talking behind her back was just a lie and that you didnt mean to spell her name wrong and then adter all that ask.if she.wants to be friends hope this helps.sorry if it is bad.advice.im.not.good at this

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    theres this girl who hates me. Sge hated me before but she hated me even more now that a gorl my class said i talked about her behind her back now shes just really mad at me all the time. Like i accidently spelled her name wrong and now shes so angry at me i just want her to like me. i have her email. what should i say

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