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  • moxxo
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    @wmaple123 heyy if u want to write down ur feeli gs somewhere do it here, make a new topic and just vent out. however if u feel uncomfortsble then even i would suggest writing in a diary. throw the oages afterwards if u want. i write in my diary and it helps A LOT 💚

  • lexiahayden
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    I think you should try to talk to someone that you trust. (Parent, sibling, friend, etc) You should also try writing in a diary again because it really helps to get your words out on paper. You can even throw it out afterwards when you’re done!

  • happyllama55
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    I know it may be hard to talk about your feelings inside but sometimes you have to let it out to someone like a parent or friend. I promise once you tell someone it will make you feel a lot better. You can also talk to the people on this MissO and friends app we’re on now.

  • wmaple123
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    I need to let my feelings out but I don’t fell comfortable talking to anyone! I can’t even make like video diaries bc my parents check my phone every night. I can’t write in a diary (I tried it, i hated it.) please help me! 🙁

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