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  • emmabell999
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    Don’t let bullies to get to you. Even though you’ve probably heard this many times but bullies just want to make you feel bad about yourself because they are either jealous or they just are upset with their own lives. So if you feel you need to delete it then do it if it continues bothering you. But first push through and see how it goes.

  • jolieeee
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    I think you should take a break, and if you feel better mentally then you should quit.

  • moxxo
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    @uni_isweird i think you shouldnt quit SM because of bullies. if u do it ll be like u r letting the bad people win. if somebody tells u their eyes r hurting with your pink walls, then tell them to quit stalking u. u arent forcing anyome to watch any videos! so be who u r and ignore such bullies.💜

  • arudolfi
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    @uni_isweird if she is giving you issues but you still enjoy social media then you should just specifically block her

  • giadatalks
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    @uni_isweird just because she is staying mean stuff don’t let that stuff get you. Simply block her! Don’t let her change you

  • jessicafluffyflamingo182
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    If you want to quit it, quit it. You can do what you want with your choices on your phone.

  • arudolfi
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    try taking a break and not using them for a couple of days and if it makes you feel better than stay off of them

  • smartygal
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    Stay on what works but don’t quit here! Girl2Girl is the best for chatting with great ppl and not annoying at all! @uni_isweird 😊

  • teryer
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    You can block people who are being mean to you on Social media. You can take a break from social media anytime you want to.

  • uni_isweird
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    @hazel5 whenever I post a video, I always try doing something cool or new or trendy and it’s always usually a girl from my school who is 1 or 2 years older and would say stuff like , LMAO LYLA TRYING TO BE TRENDY IS KILLING ME 😂 She would say stuff like that or she would say, Hun, grow up nothing will get you to college if you wear that pink unicorn hoodie. Even she says I’m broke. On my Instagram live streams she would say LMAO I SEE YOUR AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS IN THE BACK Or Grow up. You need to rip of those hot pink walls in your room they are hurting my eyes. And much more stuff.

    • taya39333
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      Maybe she’s jealous of you

  • hazel5
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    Why does it hurt you? Is there a problem? @uni_isweird

  • taya39333
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    U can only add people you know If you decide to keep your social media accounts. But if you choose to quit you can always take a break then come back if you ever wanted to.

  • aiialaina
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    If you feel as though it is too much of you comparing and never feel happy when being on it. Because of so much negativity then just change who you follow, have a limited time of being on it or just delete whatever is bothering you.

  • rooftopgurl
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    How is it hurtful? Do u get bullied? Only quit if u don’t like it. If u actually like it, don’t quit!

  • uni_isweird
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    @donut37 i’m.not quitting girl2girl wall 🙂

  • donut37
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    Don’t quit girl to girl wall it’s helpful not hurtful

  • uni_isweird
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    So, ive been thinking about maybe quitting social media. Its to hurtful for me and annoying. The only one i am gonna use is SnapChat. Thats the only one I could personally connect with my mom. Should I quit SM?

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