This one girl 🙁

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  • lovelyprincess123
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    Ask her why she is following you if she doesn’t stop ask if she can stop politely if it doesn’t work tell the teacher

  • kynnedis_kurls10
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    1.try to ignore 2.if that doesn’t work say “HEY STOP”!!!3. Tell if she keeps doing it.#stopteasing🤕

  • mergenda
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    that’s a tricky situation. first of all you should try telling that girl about her ill behavior, may be she is not aware.

    • chochosiwa
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      Thanks for the advice I will talk to her after my spring break.

  • chochosiwa
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    I really like girls on the one but this one girl is so annoying and she won’t stop following me everywhere and she is so mean and rude she has a totally different personality than you would think. She is really rude and selfish and she brings negativity to a positive area. I wish she wasn’t there but what should I do?

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