Young period

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  • angie_rose99
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    Girl I was unfortunate enough to get it when I was 9 ☹️ worst way to end 4th grade

  • darkwatermelonunicorn09
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    I have not started yet but I know alot about it and am thiking abut it happening i am only 10

  • bookdragon1234
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    I started wearing deodorant at 9, and had my first period at 11. You’re not alone! @bethanyxmaryann

  • mahathiu
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    hey don’t worry ! i just got my period when i am 11 and i am 12 now…i even know some in this site like that too,……don’t worry

  • potato_cool
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    I got mine when I was 10 so….

  • princessparkle12
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    Don’t worry I got my period when I was eleven as well so my advice is that always be prepared and bring a few pads to school in case and bring some emergency candy 😂

  • hazel5
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    Well lots of my friends did so i guess its very normal ❤️ @bethanyxmaryann

  • potato_cool
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    I think I started it but I have to ask my doctor….

  • missmanko12
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    Hi! i’m MissManko12 and i need some advice. You see, i’m an active person and when i,m on my period i feel restricted because i use pads and i’m too scared to change to tampons what do i do?

  • Anonymous
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    @bethanyxmaryann Some girls start younger than you! I think I started mine at the age of 12. This app can be for all sorts of ages! Don’t be afraid of your period it’s just nature, and perhaps just talk to your mom about it.

  • rooftopgurl
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    It’s ok! I we’re all here just say when and we’ll be there 😘

  • ally_perez13
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    It’s fine I understand u need someone to talk to in times like this we are all nice here 🤗😋🤣 but I didn’t start early I started at 13 I’m 14 now but if U need any advise on how u will feel during the “time” just let us know

  • juliette_missostaff
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    Anytime 🤗🤗🤗

  • bethanyxmaryann
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    awww thanks youre so nice! Oh I asked my mom so i think we are good. Thanks I was Really worried about that thanks!

  • juliette_missostaff
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    @bethanyxmaryann hey!! Welcome to the Girl2Girl Wall! You don’t have to be over 13 to join btw- we just needs parents email if you are under 13 so they can give you permission. But there are lots of girls on here under 13 who can help you! 💕💕💕

  • bethanyxmaryann
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    Okay so I need to know that im not alone!! I know it says the age requirement is 13 on here but im 11 and I have already started puberty, including my period, is anyone else like me and started at a young age? lol I need a buddy

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