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  • teryer
    Post count: 251

    Great wish

  • queenk26
    Post count: 17

    I would wish for more wishes😄

  • teryer
    Post count: 251

    Good wishes

  • harlierose
    Post count: 497

    I wish to travel all around the world 😍💖

  • mahathiu
    Post count: 262

    i should get all the magazines books and everything i wish for when i just close my eyes and think of it

  • teryer
    Post count: 251

    Yeah, that is a great wish

  • morg_foelife
    Post count: 42

    Any test or quiz or question or ANYTHING I look at I just know the answer

  • teryer
    Post count: 251

    If you could wish for anything right now, what would you wish for

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