Too early?

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  • xxmanixx
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    I have m period but I don’t get cramps but if you do ask your mom for Ibuprofen or any cramp medication

    • dashagurl
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      Yeah I took Tylenol on my period just recently

  • queen_teenwolf
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    Cramps and Anger issues are possible side effects

  • princessparkle12
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    You will probably crave on sweets and stuff that’s what people told me when I got my period 😂😂😂

  • dashagurl
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    I have got used to it pretty quick. I’ve only had two and my third should start around Tuesday. And thanks!

  • angie_rose99
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    Well everyone else has already said what I would have said so I’m just going to add good luck! The first year is always a journey. This is how you figure out how it all works and girl, you are in for an adventure. Just always be prepared with pads and some painkillers on the go

  • dashagurl
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    Of course eat chocolate! That’s the key answer to life!!!

  • hazel5
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    Cramps ! But its okay dont freak out its normal ❤️@DashaGurl

  • potato_cool
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    My friend told me just eat some chocolate and put something warm on you stomach! Maybe it will help a little!

  • dashagurl
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  • asiadacreativedoggo
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    I am wishing you the best! ❤️

  • dashagurl
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    Okay, thanks for letting me know! @queenijustini

  • queenijustini
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    I breakout on my face a few days before I get it. It’s kinda like a warning! I can also get irritable 😠 too, hormones! So be on da lookout! @dashagurl

  • dashagurl
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    @beth16 Thank you!

  • beth16
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    You Should Expect that since its.your.first one their is gonna be pain.but a way that is if their is pain take.midol or take.a hot.bath and.just.sit and.since.your.on.yoyr be really.good

  • dashagurl
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    Hey, I just started my period a few days ago, so I’m new to this. My Mom said since it’s my first it probably will go on and off. I’ve had stomach problems and the bleeding, of course. Is there anything else I should expect? Any advice? Thanks!

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