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  • mahathiu
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    it wouldn’t be my friend,they will constantly keep asking questions

  • queenijustini
    Post count: 377

    If it’s the house phone it’s prob not for moi!

  • swirlygirl99
    Post count: 35

    If they call me all the time or their just annoying and I don’t want to talk

  • smartygal
    Post count: 701

    sometimes i dont want to talk on the phone. easier to text!

  • thisashleytaylor
    Post count: 212

    1-800 number on caller ID. 💖

  • ashlyn_awesome
    Post count: 7

    I really don’t feel like talking to them 😂

  • zwivhuya
    Post count: 92

    Depends who is calling (just in general I prefer texting)

  • ashley-dreamz
    Post count: 7

    i dont want to talk to them (if i know them) because their Conversations are boring

  • horses77
    Post count: 162

    I don’t know the number.

  • moxxo
    Post count: 1610

    @teryer because i am scared that some far far away relative will call abd i ll have to do small talk🙈 hate small talk🙇

  • sparklegirlpower
    Post count: 19

    I’m relaxing.

  • xoxoxo-heaven
    Post count: 15

    It’s a annoying person or i look like a demon lol 😂

  • itztrinity
    Post count: 52

    If it’s a FaceTime because I don’t look well at the moment 😂 or if the person is rude or unorganized and is like Omg I fOrgOt mY hoMeWork!!! Can u Tell me dA anSwer plz?!!?? 😂

  • itz_madi21
    Post count: 26

    If it’s the most annoying person in the world… 🤣

  • maentdoodle
    Post count: 85

    @teryer I’m lazy.

  • teryer
    Post count: 251

    Name a reason you don’t answer the phone, even when you are at home

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