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  • hazel5
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    @itsjustyourgirl i want my boy to be super caring and loving and no i am waiting for my periods. My mom said they will start soon

  • mahathiu
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    Yeah I ‘ve gotten my period. I got it in March 23,2019. What see in a guy is his personality,looks,way of studying (marks he scores) ,humor and loyality

  • moxxo
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    @itsjustyourgirl nope i ve still not had my period. also what i would like in a guy is that he is respecful and sensitive and empathic. also that he has some sort of passion in life u know!

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    hey guys! back with the 2nd question of the day but ima ask 3 questions because i missed three days, sorry! 1st question is did you get your period? 2nd question is what do you find in a guy or girl?  i dont have my period but i do have all the sighns of puberty accept moodswings and period! what i find in a guys is his personality, his age, his hobbies, his eyes and his way of living life + what his job is! im not a gold digger i promise i just want a guy who has a good amount of noney im not saying he has to be rich im just saying he has to be able to take care of me and his kids!

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