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  • chickenlover12
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    😆 I did once before I started puberty, bad idea.

  • hooloo21
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    Um.. no no no.. no no no? NOOOOOOOOOO. No. Just never. nu ☹️. I haven’t as you can tell

  • sk8r-jade
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    never lolol! I got accused of it in 5th grade but didn’t it was bc I hit puberty at 8 and had big breasts then still do now (I’m a c-cup almost a d) so people accused me of that lol

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    I haven’t! My bras are like sport bras not to big! And I’m in fourth grade so I don’t worry about those stuff

  • kindnesscounts
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    No…I’m going to fifth-grade so…that would have been awkward (PEOPLE WOULD NOTICE)

  • itssofieee
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    I have in fourth grade.. i was cringy back thenn hhhhh

  • braceface_babe
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    i did it once when i first got my bra bc i had something but it wasn’t much at the time.

  • watermelonbomb
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  • watermelonbomb
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    I also here that a lot

    • justaddwater
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      I need help I’m in the zone and I’m almost there. The period but I have not got it yet what do I do

      • watermelonbomb
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        Well I have mine it’s tough at first but you will get us to it after awhile

  • emily_1
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    So l heard some girls stuff their bras,have any of you done it? No judging!❤️😂

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