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  • cass_mallory-13
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    I can’t judge… I was the same way!! I started a week ago, still on it, but I don’t think it’s as bad as what people think it is!! But, you definitely need to expect to be sore!! 🤣🤣

  • kindnesscounts
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    @thatgirlisbeautiful I accepted it!

  • mnm-_-136
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    Be patient, I really wanted mines to come but then it came and now it’s hard to go out when I’m on my period and I get cramps. Don’t worry you will get it soon, how old are you?

  • mahathiu
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    Don’t worry @thegirlthatisbeautiful! I was obsessed about it too! Then on March 23,I got it.lots of girls get cramps but few don’t.I don’t get cramps . Remember,every girl will get it. You just need to be patient.

  • hazel5
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    At misso nobody judges ❤️❤️
    But i think u should wait for it because i have heard its not so good! Ive heard girls get cramps and all @thegirlthatisbeautiful

  • haley5207
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    I’m the same way

  • braceface_babe
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    me to even though i know im onset with puberty

  • smartygal
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    no rush at all. just be calm. it will come when your nody is ready

  • kindnesscounts
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    Don’t worry! You’re not alone! I also want to start my period! A lot of girls do! Just remember that there are more important things than getting your period.

    • thegirlthatisbeautiful
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      Thank you it means alot. Please accept my friend request. You seem like a great person.

  • thegirlthatisbeautiful
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    I really want to start my period. It’s almost like im obsessed with it. Its a weird habit. Help me stop! No judging.

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