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  • thatkrazygirl101
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    i had started mine at 11 and it was last week and i was not prepared very scared,but you will be fine

  • kindnesscounts
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    Guess what? I’m in fourth grade and my doctor says I should have my period soon! She says I have all the signs and I may even have it by the end of the school year!

    Anyway! You’ll be fine! I just know it! 😉

    (Remember that kindness counts and you are AWESOME!)

  • langoemm000
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    I had mine when i was 11, so yo are lucky you dont have to deal with it right now

  • drawwithmalik
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    i wouldn’t worry if your doctor isnt worried. things like that take time to happen. dont worry you’ll be ok

  • thepup
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    Hey I haven’t started yet! So I understand how you feel.

  • mahathiu
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    hey i started my period just before my 12th birthday @donut37,about a month ago…don’t worry every one is different you will get your period soon

  • dayanna23
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    Hi… hey I’m dayanna. I’m 13 and well I got my period when I was 12. It all depends on every girl’s body development. But I’ll also like to be friends with you if you ever need anything I’m here to help

    • hazel5
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      I agree with ya! @dayanna23

    • donut37
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      Thank you so much! Yeah I’m really small for my age sooo yeah. Are you in 7 or 8 grade?

  • donut37
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    This is for everyone who feels the same and is worried. So I’m 14 and havnt had my period so me and my mom went to the doctor. The doctor said that I shouldn’t worry until I’m 17! So basically used to girls would get theirs around 15-17 but now there is so much hormones in foods that ppl started earlier. But like all my friends started sooo yeah.

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