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  • anaya-coffee
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    My mom told me she will let me at my 6th grade graduation party :3

  • princessmy07
    Post count: 44

    10 lol my dad said that but I got them for my 10th birthday

  • xxokeira
    Post count: 42

    Idk but maybe 13 or 14

  • yourqueenlex
    Post count: 22

    I’m wrong I just asked my mom it’s not dumb she said at the age 14

  • jasmine-_
    Post count: 25

    like at 12

  • nina_morg25
    Post count: 46

    OMG! My mom told me that at age 17 I can get them. 🙁

  • yourqueenlex
    Post count: 22

    What age did you get acrylic nails at? It’s so dumb my parents won’t let me get them till I’m 16.

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