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  • synappl
    Post count: 13

    @zooeydog Thanks! 🤗

  • zooeydog
    Post count: 287

    Welcome!! Love to be your friends too. I’m also here if you need any help with anything on the Girl2girl wall or advice! 😍 @galaxygum @ange20 @synappl

  • mahathiu
    Post count: 91

    oh welcome


  • synappl
    Post count: 13

    I just joined today lol 😝

  • mahathiu
    Post count: 91

    hey i am already your friend @hazel5.go to your notifications and see

  • ange20
    Post count: 16

    I am I wanna be friends !!!

  • hazel5
    Post count: 1744

    I’m not new but id like to be your friend @mahathiu

  • mahathiu
    Post count: 91

    @galaxygum and @miann you are welcome to this app and i am your [email protected] i know you are not new but you too are my friend.

  • taya39333
    Post count: 154

    U can become my friend⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • galaxygum
    Post count: 19

    I just joined. Can’t wait to make a bunch of friends! 😛🤗

  • miaann
    Post count: 37

    I’m new!!!!

  • mahathiu
    Post count: 91

    How many of you are new in this app?it has been a year since I joined.i am waiting to become your friends

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