Middle school girls and up life talk


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  • siningbeast3
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    Hey, i’m in middle school NEXT year. Any tips or suggestions I should know? Warnings? Anything?

  • hazel5
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    Thats such a nice message @d_goldenrxses ❤️❤️ u sound so sweet

  • mahathiu
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    i liked that very much @d-goldenrxses…. life story

    i am experiencing too much drama in sixth grade my bff became my ex bff ,then i have this group called friends who are not real friends…but i am okay now .but, waiting to go to seventh grade

    • d_goldenrxses
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      That’s good that ur ok, but just know that there’s good in every bad 😉❤️

  • bookhugger45
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    Life story time. Ok so one day I was at the pool with my friends and we were in the hot tub, there were these boys that were saying the f word constantly one of them came up to me and said “ Hey how old are you?” I told him and he said “well my friend is interested in you.” We backed away slowly and another one said “Bye Asian chick.” I’m not even Asian! 

    • hedgehogsrule
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      3 reasons why that was mean:
      1. He said a bad word
      2. He called you a name
      3. Craziness 😝

    • d_goldenrxses
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      Wow, but u are ok right?

  • smartygal
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    You said it girl! 👍😘👯👩‍❤️‍👩@D_Goldenrxses

  • d_goldenrxses
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    tell life stories you wanna share,👄
    Make sure to be supportive with others thoughts, ❤️
    Help a sister out you know, 😜
    give advice to the ones that need it 🌹,
    Share problems you need help with 🗣,
    Always know we here for you sis 👭 ,
    We lift each other up 👆 💁 Ight ,
    Don’t be shy uncertain to share things u need help with cuz we here for you, and some of us might have faced the same problems. 💋
    ALWAYS KEEP IT 💯 *real*

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