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  • camillbley9
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    I have delt with a mean girl. And what I did is go to my mom but you are here to here it from other girls so, the best thing to do is ignore her. The only reason she is picking on you is because she knows that you care so she keeps on doing it. Also If this mean girl is only mean to you and somewhat nice to everyone else then tell her to get a new hobby because the only thing she seems to enjoy is picking on you. After that just walk away. You shouldn’t waste your time listening to their response. Hope my advice was helpful!?

  • kash-the-glader
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    I agree with @batgirl4ever. Some people will want to push you down because they feel insecure. They don’t know how to act so they think bullying is the answer. Or sometimes they are being bulled. All you have to do is stand up for your self. It doesn’t matter if every body thinks that she is nice you believe in what you believe. Keep on being awesome.

  • tumblrqueen
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    Hi I know how you feel i was at that point to all you do is say well thank you to every thing to what shes says if she pushes you down just say thank you i wanted to sit down and you really helped me if she calls you mean names then you say thank you then tell your self stick and stones may break my break my bones but word will never heart me.Well i hoped this helped you and talk to you later.

  • admin-2
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    @ariwazana Bullying can show in many ways and she sounds like she is a bully. Who does she think she is to say you have no voice. Of course you do. Keep standing up for how your feel. Try to stay away from her too and look at your friends who are truly your friends. Spend more time with them. Hope this helps a little. 🙂

  • ariwazana
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    My school year just ended and throughout the year there was this one girl who just kept on picking and picking on me. We also played soccer together so it’s really really hard to get it wrong with her. My best friend used to be friends with her and I guess everybody thinks she’s in charge! When I try to stand up for what is right I get pushed back down! What should I do?

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