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  • maentdoodle
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    @piggirl17 I’m not lesbian, I’m pan (I like all genders, even non conforming ones), and I understand in can be troublesome at the beginning when you first realize. It’s perfectly fine to be lesbian, just don’t make a big deal out of it.

  • potato_cool
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    It’s ok! I like people the way they are! Don’t let anyone change that!❤️

  • thisashleytaylor
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    @piggirl17 Love is Love. No gender. No judgment. 💖

  • mariyah_cute
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    Of course! Be your self. Don’t listen to anyone. Listen to your heart. Don’t listen to haters❤️

  • b00kw0rm
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    Of course it’s okay! Everyone should be able to be whoever they want to be. Being lgbt+ shouldn’t be considered any different than being straight

  • maezeegirl
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    I’m Bisexual 😋❤️

  • puppypawworld
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    It’s awesome is fine

  • sophiaburon
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    Love is love. That is great! You be you! What do you need help with?

  • thailani01
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    Aww well the way I see it is that if people don’t accept you then that’s on them I’m sure you’re an amazing girl

  • kenzie07
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    i think i bi but idk but im dating a girl so if u need some help about a crush come to me

  • arudolfi
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    You are amazing! That is ok! 💕

  • yemimme
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    Oh of course not, I’m lesbian too. You’re fine.

  • Anonymous
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    I’m lesbian too. I can help you. I love girls too baby

  • cupcakequeen2018847
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    Of course it’s ok! Follow your heart and be strong!

  • ellie-boom
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    @piggirl17 girl of course that’s ok. I support you!!! 💞💞💞💞💞

  • dayanna23
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    Hi girl. I’m lesbian as well. I’m 13 years old. And my family respects my decisions. If you need better advice don’t doubt to add me so we can talk. And I can give you maybe a better advice. Good luck sweetie.

    • Anonymous
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      Hello I’m lesbian too. I love girls and want to get to know you

  • ellie-boom
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    Of course it’s ok! Everyone is who they are. You are so brave (honestly not sure what to say)

  • nadineross01
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    Hey! I don’t judge people if they are lesbian. I have a few friends who are lesbian and I’m ok with them.
    You should be happy with yourself!

  • queen_cammy
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    you are perfect the way you are @piggirl17

  • kauaidolphin
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    You are who you are it does not matter that you are lesbian

  • jayjaycute
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    You a PERFECTLY FINE, always remember that you have your lgbtq+ fam behind you🏳️‍🌈!

  • hazel5
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    Help with what? @piggirl17

  • alwayssmile
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    Of course! You are who you are! Even though I am not lesbian I support it 100%! If you ever need anybody to talk to you can talk to me.

  • piggirl17
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    Thank you everyone for giving me advice!

  • annaawesome
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    Of course it is! Be urself!

  • wildgirl08
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    I agree with the others. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Being lesbian surely is no worse than being straight. It’s true, some might not realize it’s actually normal. But I have 3 words for you: just be you!!

  • skybluesplash
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    @piggirl17 Don’t worry!! Being a part of the LGBTI community is normal. Most times I don’t understand why people don’t normalise it. Everyone, regardless of who they are or what they’re orientation, deserves a fair go. It’s not like being lesbian will hold our community back, because it definitely will NOT. Just as @zooeydog said, we’re here to help!!💙💙🌈

  • zooeydog
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    That’s what we’re here for! Giving and getting support from our Miss O girl community! @piggirl17

  • piggirl17
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    Thank you everyone for supporting me!😁🤣😆🤪😂😁😆😆😆🤪🤪🤪😄😄😄😝😅😀😜😛😋😇😌😉🙃🙂☺😊

  • guerrero7402
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    Hey! Look, I’m straight but I support lgbtq members all the way, and I don’t think it’s wrong if you are lesbian, I mean it’s just who you are! Don’t be sad, it’s ok

  • piggirl17
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    Thank you so much @busybea363!

  • busybea363
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    i would never judge anybody i am here if u need to talk i have a friend thats lesbian

  • kittycatz101
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    that’s A OK!

  • queenijustini
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    What do you need help with? Being a lesbian is a very personal thing. We don’t judge here. Welcome! @piggirl17

  • piggirl17
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    I am lesbian. Is that ok? Can u help me?

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