Just Me???!?!

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  • siningbeast3
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    Hey don’t worry… Some people start as late as 14!

  • Anonymous
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    @megs5540 THat help so much that you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • megs5540
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    Ok so everyone grows in different ways at different you’ll get them soon and if not don’t worry some people have the same problem hop that helps💞

  • hazel5
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    Hey everybody has a different system. Your breasts will grow but maybe gradually. Its okay!! I dont have big breasts also and I’m glad because my friends who do say its difficult to manage!! So its okay lets be happy 😁😁❤️ @Ella4God

    • Anonymous
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      @hazel5 Thanks so much that makes me feel better!!

  • moxxo
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    @Ella4God trust me, big breasts are over rated! people who have them complain all the timee about how they dont look good!!

  • thepup
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    No worry. I have the same problem. It’s just runs in the family. No everyone has big breast when they get puberty.

  • puppies-_-galore
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    All people are different

  • Anonymous
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    I’m 12years old and am 2 1\2 years through puberty. I have hair down there,my hips have grown quite a bit, BO, etc. But I have had these tiny breast buds since I started puberty! And they have grown LIKE ……NONE!!!!!! My Bff started puberty 1year after me and already has big breasts.

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