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is it acceptable to say "i love you" to my friends?

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  • beauty-inside
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    Well no I don’t think so because I say it to my friends but I only say it to my closest friend aka Bff… so yes you can say I love you only if your friends are ok with it…
    -hope it helps

  • mizztetianna
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    Well t depends on how they feel about you and the kind of person they are. If you had a guy friend who was quick to say a girl likes him then no. But if this a guy who doesn’t think much about romance or maybe has known you long enough then of course! It’s much more understandable if you have know this guy for a while. And of course its also the way you say it. Basically if your friend knows the line between friend and boyfriend and their personality. Hope i helped with my advice have a good day!

  • strawberrycucumbers
    Post count: 18

    no i mean to guys.
    Is it socially acceptable to platonically say “i love you” to guyfriends?

  • katydid414
    Post count: 2

    I tell my friends i love them all the time

  • misso
    Post count: 163

    I don’t think it’s weird to tell your friends you love them. It’s a nice thing to hear especially when you really click with a friend.

  • strawberrycucumbers
    Post count: 18

    idk i have the tendency to tell my friends i love them. is this a thing that people are allowed to do or is it weird?

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