I want my PERIOD!!!

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  • lilyloo12
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    No rush honey! You will get it and have it for years! Enjoy your time without it! @speedysquart2

  • princessmy07
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  • princessmy07
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    Don’t feel like that

  • katelynsavage
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    Same I haven’t got my period and I’m glad because girl problems I’m 11 and I haven’t even got my period

  • katelynsavage
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    You cool even if you don’t have your period

  • katelynsavage
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    I’m going through puberty and havr the same problems im@happy some times and upset the other times but I do not have acne your propyl still going through puberty

  • chickenlover12
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    Well all I can say is probably a year and it’s not fun.

  • jakayla-12
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    I am twelve and I have started my period it’s gonna feel like the bottom of your stomach is hurting that’s when you know your period is finna come on it’s gonna feel weird

    • katelynsavage
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      I have the same pain sometimes omg I must be getting my period soon oh no that’s going to be bad

  • lil_mo_babygurl
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    its okay i wanted it to but i stoped knowing what it was like and what you had go threw

  • hooloo21
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    Girl I am 12 and haven’t even had my period! It might be 1 year, maybe 6 months?

  • princessmy07
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    I used to want my period but just take your time I know how it feels to want your period but it seems cool you are not the only one that does not have it. Let it come on its own I can tell you more if you chat me

  • yourqueenlex
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    Why do you want your period ?your not the only person that does not have it . It will come soon girl .

  • kaylah000
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    You really don’t want your period because I use to say the same thing because my friends had it but once the day came I wish I could take it back but you can’t do that so just wait for your time and be happy it’s not here

  • girlygift
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    be patient girl…….it will come

  • blakeyrakey
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    Sounds like ull be getting your period soon if ur having those things!! Dnt worry… it will come but there’s nothing u can actually do to make it come before ur body is ready

  • speedysquart2
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    I feel so dumb but I want my period it’s like all my friends have it and I don’t I’m 11 and I have dish charge and hair and acne and I shave I have mood swings. What do I do to get my period!?!

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