Hi girls

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  • missoofficial
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    We see some of you would like to share your IG or SC names with girls on here but unfortunately we don’t allow that. All comments are screened first and sometimes it takes a little longer than you like but each one is read carefully before approving. We do this to keep the Girl2girl Wall a positive and empowering place for girls! 👍 ❤️

  • mahathiu
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    i am a girl….

  • kimmy2fly4u1
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    I’m a girl my name is kimmy2fly4u1 is that a boy name

  • kimmy2fly4u1
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    I’m a girl

  • dayanna23
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    Im a girl tho hbu? 😔 @kimmy2fly4u1

  • brainymk
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    um are you a guy or just gay

  • kawaiineko
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    Lol same here

  • dayanna23
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    Looking for a girlfriend … I need one…

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