Handling with haters!

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  • skybluesplash
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    @marianarosa First of all, don’t take the haters comments personally! Most of the negative stuff that they say isn’t true. And if you’re on social media, block them and ignore them- it’s good not to reply. If it’s happening face-to-face, there are ways you can stand up for yourself but you can also ignore them too. 💛

  • dopeprachi
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    @marianarosa just ignore them. If they still keep hating, block them. I’ve always done that whenever i get hate😉

  • moxxo
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    @marianarosa well if they are hating on you for no reason or for just being different in a good way, then just ignore them and dont take what they say to heaart! people say all kinds of things when they dont have the courage to do it themselves. i remember I once stood up against a girl who used to borrow money from me all the time and then never give it back, after that scene some people really admired me but others called me stingy and cheap and what not! got loads of haters after that, but idc cuz i KNOW i did the right thing!!

  • gracearun
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    To handle haters. Just come up to them with a smile and say, “thank you for being jealous of me.” Say this with a lot of pride. If someone hates you that means you are really special. Many celebrities have haters. So that technically means your hater is just jealous of you. A few weeks ago I did a youtube cover, another youtube channel said I ruined their favorite song, I got emotional and covered their comment, but then a friend told me ” If you have a hater that means people are jealous of you.”

  • cawwy1212
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    @marianarosa it’s hard but I try to tell myself that they are just hating on me bc they’re unhappy themsevles. I do get sad tho so I need advice too!

  • marianarosa
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    How do you guys decline haters?!

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