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  • ciaramarie11
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    omg girl yes i have started mine befor i did i was Moody i would be mad and then i would cry for no reason

  • mayab
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    @dachshundqueen I disagree because my mom got it at 18 and nothing was wrong with her

    • dachshundqueen
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      some people do have something wrong and some people are just really late

  • genesis1110
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    you’ll probably feel like crying for no reason and when you first get you period you don’t feel anything by the third time you should feel a little wierd

  • bookhugger45
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    My mom says that they come from ages 9-15

    • dachshundqueen
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      I heard its 8 to 16 and if you don’t get it at 16 to talk to a doctor

  • bookhugger45
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    And yes I have gotten mine, the first few times I didn’t have any blood

  • xoxoxo-heaven
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    My sister got her period at 11 so You might get yours pretty soon but everybody’s come at different times

  • spring-blossomzz
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    No, I haven’t gotten mine and I’m 11, but you can know when u get is when you track the day you got it, like for example, April 16, the next time you’ll get it is somewhere around May 16, but it can be delayed a few days

  • princessparkle12
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    So normally u would get cramps before ur period and when ur on ur period u start to get really hungry

  • mahathiu
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    I agree with @puppydoglover21… U get cramps and discharge. I also haven’t gotten my periods 😃

  • puppydoglover21
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    You usually get cramps six months before and you experience discharge

  • bellasernaa10
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    I haven’t gotten my first period yet, how do you know when u will get it? Have you guys gotten yours ? 😨

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