Friends Needed

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  • emygalixy
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    Exactly me sis!bc they usaly kinda uh how do i put this ok i got it they are fake freinds that use me so its like im a loner….=_=

  • hazel5
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    Uh same!! All my friends are so boring and not at all social- hate it @dominque_314

    • gabriellaunicorn
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      @dominque_314 I legit have no friends. I wish they could make a group called no friends because If most girls have no friends. The girls who have no friends can become friends with each other. If you get what I’m saying

  • langoemm000
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    Same . one place i love is pier park !

  • alyza
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  • dominque_314
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    I want friends that’s like to go out and have lots of fun😌

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