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  • chickenlover12
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    Don’t worry I JUST got mine. And yes I was excited but now I have nothing to wish would happen you know what I mean and it’s not very fun LOL.

  • lynlin
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    lucky! havung a period sucks. i got mine when i was ten and it was kind of embrassing because it was only me lol

  • julie_cardoza
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  • smartygal
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    theres no rush trust me!! it will come when you least expect it. and not prepared! thats what happened to me. @caticorn

  • queenairy
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    U should be glad u don’t have it cuz having a period is a lot of work trust me when the time is right you will get it but for now just be happy you don’t have it

  • braceface_babe
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    So what you do is when they talk about it just change talk to how bad they are and say u don’t have and say ur luckyy

  • itzmeops
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    It’s fine girl cause I haven’t gotten mine either and I used to feel left out but now I just know I have more time to prepare for it

    • caticorn
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      @itzmeops thx so much. It just feels weird bc they’re younger than me.

      • itzmeops
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        No problem I’m happy I could help 👌🏾

  • watermelonbomb
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    Do worry about it every girl gets them at different times

    • justaddwater
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      Watermelonbomb you are really now help say things like always bring pads just in case

  • caticorn
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    Hi Guys! So anyways I found out that almost all my friends have their periods already but I never got mine yet… I always feel like I’m going to get it but I don’t.

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