First period!!!


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  • mahathiu
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    hey i got it a week ago!!and i am,you don’t need to freak out and i got cramps 6 months before my period and the time depends on your body.and if you want to be prepared,carry a pad or tampon in a bag when ever you go somewhere @galacticevelin

  • hazel5
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    Did you get your first period or is your period delayed?? @galacticevelin

  • galacticevelin
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    my period hasn’t come which is bad because I don’t know when it will come it might come in the pool at a sleepover or at school! I don’t know how I can be prepared and who can I tell if it’s at school! But I’m starting to get cramps at the place where you get it on your period so I feel like I’m getting close my mom got hers at 14 I’m 11 though and first periods are always the worst periods!

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