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  • mahathiu
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    Hi @cammili116!
    IAM really bored…… What shall we chat about?
    Here is a little about myself:
    I am from India and I like to draw and see.I have many friends and I have been cheated by my best of friends a lot too. I have been teased many times and I don’t know the reason behind it. I make other people jealous of me (I aim at my enemies) by doing well in sports and what recently made my enemy jealous of me is that our yoga teacher selected me for a national level yoga competition and didn’t select her. My hobbies are drawing and writing my own quotes. Like to give advice for others and my dream places are Paris and New York. Tell about you too

  • camille116
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    For anyone who is bored and wants to chat go to the comments and chat so LETS HAVE A CHAT PARTY IN THE COMMENTS XD 🙂

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