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  • girlygift
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    oh my gosh…..

  • girlygift
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    congrats girl u r becoming a woman………don’t freak out tell ur mom she will get u some pads…..GO GIRL

    • janhaviever
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      girls girls calm down i know what a period is that we had just went to the doctors for a normal checkup the doctor told me that ill problably get it late as im a late bloomer (flat boobs or no boobs at all) i asked my mom she said its was hers and that she had gotten it but forgot to clean it

  • mahathiu
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    hi @janhaviever,
    i can give you advice.It’s your period.Whenever a girl gets her period,she bleeds. I got it when I was 11. Don’t freak out .tell to your mother. She will be happy and as you are in India,there are some conditions your mom will tell you about. On that day i got mine,i was in my grandma’s house so i told my grandmother. Your mom will teach you how to insert a pad. On 4th day you will be washing your hair and doing function .It’s an Indian practice. But don’t feel overwhelmed. Just tell your mother. If you get cramps, Eat dark chocolate. If you cry or get angry for no reason,It”s PMS or premenstrual syndrome. Just eat a banana. TODAY as a government holiday because of bakrid, you got lucky but tomorrow and the next day you have to miss school.(your mom will tell you more).If your mother is not home,tell to some other female in your house. and,congrats!!

  • imaloner
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    Don’t worry it’s just your period, I suggest tampons for when you’ve had your period for a while.

  • celinefish
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    Don’t freak out it’s ur period. Every girl goes through it

  • emitige102
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    Fits of all your still a normal girl it happens to every girl eventually and it shows your on your way to becoming a woman so congrats you got your period. As for what to do you should definitely talk to your mom about getting some pads and tampons. You should also be prepared for cramps. Your best bet for cramps is to take a warm bath, that’s what I always do.

  • janhaviever
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    so today i was just a normal girl and went to the bathroom i went and did my business and…… i saw BLOOD. guys please help i just cant help but ask

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