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  • princessparkle12
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    This year I’m expecting to go to a school trip to France in june

  • thisashleytaylor
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    Hi @teryer My new year resolution was to try out for new sports teams at school. I only have been in cross country, so this year i would like to try for other sports. I tried out for the school basketball team earlier this month. I didn’t get it, but I’m glad I tried. I’ll try for baseball in the spring.

    What about you? How has your 2019 been? 💖

  • mahathiu
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    it is great!my ex bff and i became friends!whats more and there are no dramas

  • smartygal
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    It’s going good! Doing well in school and no friend drama at the moment! 😅@teryer

  • bookhugger45
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    Great! Not much what about you?

  • teryer
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    I just wanted to know
    How is 2019 so far for you?
    What are you expecting this year?

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