10 questions

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  • hooloo21
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    Musicals, Every High-school musical, Idk, Hershey, BBQ, Braves, Disney, Land of Stories, Idk, Sidney to the Max (bc I can relate), Youtube

  • bookdragon1234
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    Action, Avengers; Infinity War, Serena Williams, White chocolate, Sweet Potato Chips, Georgia Bulldogs, Food Network, Have too many to name, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Star Trek, Play Games

  • arudolfi
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    Comedy, I don’t like movies, Tomas Tatar, Milk chocolate Carmel squares, Lays classic Potato chips, Michigan State, Idrk I like lots of channels, I don’t enjoy reading but I like graphic novels, Raina Telegmier (idk how to spell it) bewitched, Youtube

  • teryer
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    What is your favorite type of movie.
    What is your favorite movie
    Who is your favorite Sports Star
    What is your favorite type of chocolate
    What is your favorite type of chips
    What is your sports team
    What is favorite Channel
    What is your favorite book
    Who is your favorite author
    What is your favorite tv series
    What do You do when you are on the internet

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