❤️Period Talk❤️

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  • jakayla-12
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    Yes and i have puberty 😩

  • princessmy07
    Post count: 44

    No but I have hit puberty

    • xxokeira
      Post count: 42

      Yessss I also hit my puberty too😚🙌

  • alayna54
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    I’m 15 and I just started. But it only lasted for a couple of days and nothing since. So, I don’t know if it’s spotting or not. I don’t really know what spotting looks like. So, I do’nt really know.

    • xxokeira
      Post count: 42

      Owwhhh…i just hope you really okay! ^^

  • girlygift
    Post count: 135

    yes am 13 had it when I was 12…….it’s good too but not when it comes with cramps lol

    • xxokeira
      Post count: 42

      I didnt have cramps when im started period…yea but i feel weird in the area lol idk how to say it 😂

  • xxokeira
    Post count: 42

    Do you guys already had your period yet? Me: yes! And i think its good lol..how bout you guys??

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